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The Kittitas County Timothy Hay Growers & Suppliers was established in the mid 1970's to manifest a representative voice of the timothy hay industry in Kittitas County, Washington.  The organization supports activities and projects with the intended purpose of resolving production-related problems, while preserving and possibly enhancing, product quality.   

Currently, the organization is engaged in several projects to help Kittitas County Growers & Suppliers maintain a competitiveness and financial viability in the ever evolving timothy hay industry.

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**Kittitas Timothy Growers Annual Meeting - February 14th, 2017
Teanaway Room - Kittitas County Fairgrounds (Invites coming)
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This Organization and our corresponding website are not to be used for any business purposes in terms of marketing, selling, or promoting types of hay or any products that may enhance hay production.  Please do not contact us if you are looking to purchase hay. Thanks!